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My approach to counselling is holistic. When you go to the doctor with a symptom like an infection on your arm, a holistic doctor takes a look at your history and different areas of your life to understand the reason for this infection, and will treat the symptom accordingly. The risk of not seeing the symptom as a result of a bigger problem is that you get prescribed a medication to clear the infection, but it shows up again after some time, or as a different symptom. Reductionist approaches to treating problems provide temporary relief. I believe in getting to the core of the issue to ensure lasting relief. In counselling terms, this means looking for the root of the problem, or digging up the past to heal from it, and to release its hold on the present. As a result, I utilize a few different therapeutic modalities to help support clients. One’s that dig deep, such as existential and narrative therapy, and one’s that give you day-to-day tools to implement and sustain the changes you are making like cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) and body-centered therapy.

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