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The Stigma of Counselling. You Deserve More!

"My therapist says... (insert funny but profound statement here)". If you're on social media then you undoubtedly have come across these mem

es. It's actually quite incredible how much conversation there is now around counselling and general mental health. A few years ago, people were still ashamed to admit that they needed counselling, or that they were seeing a counsellor. That is still the case of course in some places, due to the amount of stigma around mental health that we are conditioned with. However, the narrative is changing. Mental health awareness is becoming more prevalent, and we are able to access counselling services in a way that we have never before.

If you're reading this post, then you are considering counselling for yourself or someone you love or care for. Either way, I welcome you into this space. Acknowledging that you need help is an act of courage in a world that hyper-values self-sufficiency, and toughness. I congratulate you for stepping into your vulnerability.

Counselling allows you to express yourself authentically and honestly, without worrying about judgement from your counsellor. And the reason your counsellor creates this non-judgmental safe space for you is because it is in this space that individuals uncover their wants, needs, or blocks that help them live the life that they are yearning for. Most clients report that counselling has been a life-changing experience for them - I can attest to that, as I too have had wonderful counsellors help me navigate the challenges of my life, and step into the freedom that comes with knowing oneself. I hope that you will allow yourself that opportunity.

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